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Who we are

Quanta is one of the UK's oldest independent TV production companies.

It was founded by Glyn Jones, the creator of Tomorrow's World on BBC 1.

Quanta has made documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and international networks. You may have seen our films in series such as Horizon, Panorama, Equinox and Bookmark. Over fifty countries have bought Quanta's award-winning programmes.

We specialise in history, science and arts films. Our TV productions include:

  • Eric Brown — A Pilot's Story - for Internation TV
  • Whittle — The Jet Pioneer
  • Armistice Diary - for Channel 4 (The Slot)
  • Genius Of The Jet - for BBC 2 (Horizon)
  • Daddy's Girls - for Channel 4 (Filthy Rich)
  • Vera's Village Album - for HTV West (West Story)
  • The Thomas The Tank Engine Man - for BBC 2 (Bookmark)
  • The House Party's Over - for BBC 1 (Panorama)
  • Soviet Eyes On Space - for WDR Cologne & NOS TV Holland
  • Precisely In Profit - for Channel 4 (Equinox)
  • IRAS — The Supercooled Eye - for BBC 2 (Horizon) & WGBH (Nova)
  • The Bio Bombshell - for IPC Magazines and Channel 4 (Quest)
  • Information Takeover - for IPC Magazines (Quest)
  • A Cage For The Sun - for Channel 4

Quanta also makes films for industry, universities and museums. Here are some examples.

  • The Royal Road - for the National Railway Museum
  • To Harvest The Wind - for National Windpower Ltd.
  • See For Yourself - for Nuclear Electric plc
  • People Like You, People Like Us - for National Power plc
  • How Electricity Is Made - for the CEGB
  • The Loctite Design Programme - for Loctite UK Ltd.
  • Nuclear Power � The Next Generation - for the CEGB
  • Radioactivity And You - for the UKAEA
  • Dinosaurs - for the Natural History Museum
  • UEA: The Video - for the University of East Anglia
  • This Is Birmingham - for the University of Birmingham
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